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Rowdy Boys

The men and women of Thesla’s Grace have been endowed with the task of protecting Lord Protector Alistair as he makes his way from Dunaber to the unexplored Eastern Reach of the New Lands.

Within this crew is a small pack of unique adventurers, they are known as the Rowdy Boys.


khol-uun - collin allen

Khol-Uun is a half dwarf- half human bard who grew up in the great dwarven city of Ben Ness with his mother Galira. He was never fully accepted in dwarven society Fleeing the hostile city, he began his journey to find his uncle Grunyar. On the way he met the woman who not only taught him to fight but also taught him the basics of being a bard.

Collin Allen lives and works around Nashville, TN. He grew up there and has been playing D&D for 10 years and has both embodied many different characters and been the DM in a few games himself.  He loves nothing more than camping and reading a good book. New hobbies include editing and cosplaying for Chasmquest.  


eyas sinthorn - taylor haydel

At a young age, the stoic and mysteriously white haired Eyas was witness to two assassination attempts. The first robbed him of his mother & 11 years of memory. The second robbed him of his sight. Not months after, an unknown magic awakened inside himself that gifted him with a magic sight and saved him from perilous flames & sure death. This half-elf’s senses are keen, and his drive for greatness as a fighter is strong. He also loves women. Like, a lot.

Taylor is a graphic designer/illustrator from Nashville, TN. He is fairly new to tabletop RPGs but loves storytelling and eating fruit. He also loves being excessively dramatic in order to fit in.



Rory kilgannon - brad kinnison

Rory "The Hammer" Kilgannon is a rough-and-tumble halfling barbarian who grew up in the hills of Denshire before moving to the metropolis of Weswick, where became a cage fighter. Rory says what he thinks, when he thinks it, which tends to rub folks the wrong way. 

Brad Kinnison lives in Smyrna, TN with his lovely wife Delaina and their dog Rey. He is a nerd to the core, who loves Star Wars, horror movies, novels by Isaac Asimov and Stephen King, and American/Tennessee history. You can regularly find him on his day off playing disc golf at one of the many beautiful local courses.

Thelneous Gray - Micah Jordan

Thelneous does not know where he came from. His earliest memory is of the church, where he was orphaned and raised. As he came of age, he adopted the family name Gray to both describe his background, and more personally, his faith. He is cunning, slow to anger, and relies on his charisma and wit more than any physical prowess.

Micah Jordan is the author and voice actor for Thelneous Gray. He hails from Nashville TN, is married to the beautiful Sarah Jordan and has two wonderful Australian Shepherds named Nash and Si (pronounced sigh). He’s been playing D&D for nearly 8 years and has both Dungeon Mastered and played several characters.


andrew palmer -
dungeon master

The world, myths, and storyline of ChasmQuest are all original material. Andrew is a librarian with almost 7 years of Dungeons & Dragons experience spanning several systems and genres. He is a fan of all imaginative fiction and gains the majority of his inspiration from novelists such as, Ursula le Guin, Tolkien, George RR Martin, JK Rowling, David Mitchell, and Octavia Butler.

He is also a fan of narrative driven games like, Mass Effect, Last of Us, Skyrim, and Banner Saga. He's also been known to watch a bit of Game of Thrones, Vikings, and Queer Eye. His favorite podcasts are My Favorite Murder #SSDGM and Comedy Bang Bang.

His love for audiobooks and tabletop roleplaying games married in his work on ChasmQuest. You can find him sipping coffee and reading on a porch, or running D&D programs at the Nashville Public Library.