Perhaps it is not well that gods should rule over men.

-Bjornson, demigod  |verakin sagas| 200BT

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The “Home of Refuge” was formed at the Great Refuge in 150 After Exile (Current year is 900AE)

Alfrheim (Cont’d):

Elves from Bardha arrived in Veraheim led by Bjornson and the exiled Verakin in the year 1AE. They formed a druidic circle that fought back Isvanja’s winter (Inn Storr Frojsa, The Great Freeze). Their warriors also fought alongside Bjornson to drive away the giant’s and eventually Isvanja herself in the year 150AE. After The Last Battle, with gratitude Bjornson awarded Elvenking Valir and his people full ownership of the northwestern territory named Alfrheim.

  • Amon Fain - Home of the “Hillcloud Tribe” wood elf rangers who once assisted the Greycloaks in protecting the Trelanders from the Verakin raiders. This small rustic town was once a welcome respite to those travelling from Elgrheim to Falron.

  • Falron - The largest city in the nation of Alfrheim. A bustling urban hub of high elf culture, a Market Square brings elves together in the northern Lower District. Currently Elvenking Amrynn and Elvenqueen Antiva reside in their castle in the southern Upper District.

  • Nalda - Alfrheim’s coastal city, a center for seafaring trade and a waypoint for travelers from the Trelander city of Dunaber.

  • Pearl Islands - Headquarters for all Crafter’s Guild activity. Materials, especially silver, diamonds, and pearls, are processed here and goods are made to be sold in the Upper District of Falron.


With the formation of Veraheim in 150AE came two of the most powerful clans, Elgrheim and Bjornheim. Bjornson and his people took the land of Bjornheim and worshiped the elder bear, while the people who had been freed from bondage to Isvanja took the land of Elgrheim and worshiped the elder elk. Elgrheim is in the dead center of Veraheim and is known as the heart of the land, where the Verakin royalty would make their home.

  • Aurora - The capital city of Elgrheim and home to the Great Mead Hall where the Verakin kings and queens would reside. In 876AE (24 years ago) the last Verakin King Ragnar was assissnated by Amrynn here, and 18 years ago ogres came in large forces to lay waste to the city and kill Queen Lagertha. Since then, the ogres imbued with mysterious frost magic have held the city and forced the Verakin clan into exile.


After Bjornson took his people east to the coast beyond the mountain range he found peace in the small fishing village. It is said though that he did not stay there long and became known to the Verakin people as a wandering god. Bjornheim is known for its brutality, the berserker troops it produces. The harsh weather and bear-ridden lands make this area infamous to outsiders. Verakin kings often had trouble keeping tabs on the clan’s quiet ritualistic lifestyle. After the landing of the Trelanders, 26 years ago, and the siege of Aurora, Bjornheim has become a refugee came for all the clans of Verakin people. From it the Verakin will make their final stand led by the betrayer, Queen Reina, daughter of King Ragnar.

Leaders of Veraheim

Queen Reina Aurora - daughter of King Ragnar Aurora and Queen Lagertha. Ragnar was murdered by Alfrheim assassins, and Lagetha was killed during the seige of Aurora by frost ogres; shortly after their deaths Finn and Reina were taken into the wilderness and put into hiding until more could be learned. Eventually Duke Eirwyn learned of their whereabouts with the help of the Amon Fain elves. He took them to Dunaber under the guise of his orphaned students; he left Finn with scholar friends there to be an assimilated ‘wilderman’ and took Reina with him to study at the Weswick University, the plan being to have her pass as Trelander and marry her off to the noble Alistair to set her up for the excursion into the New Lands where she will lead Alistair into a trap and take her place as Queen of Veraheim.

Finn Aurora - younger brother of Reina.

Jarl Vega - leader of Elgrheim after the assassination of Ragnar and death of Lagertha. Three years after the attack on Aurora took away his wife Alexis and daughter Fru Ilana; Alexis was killed during ogre takeover of Aurora. Ilana was sent with refugees to Bjornheim at a very young age.

Fru Ilana Vega - 18 yrs old Valkyrie and Seidr and leader of Elgrheim forces; she rides atop a red furred Peryton named Alexis after her mother and has a bloodstone grafted into the side of her head to channel her magic. She was injured as a young child during the raid on Aurora and healed by a shaman on their way to Bjornheim. She also wields a Bloodstone Sword.

Jarl Erika - leader of the Bjornheim clan, a skilled Flotnar and Valkyrie in combat (Ubbe and Erika are partners)

Berserker Ubbe - general of Bjornheim forces a Berserker in combat. He has a bear mount named Uggr (meaning fear).

Verakin terms & Fauna

Aflr - Elf

Annavari - The Next Life

Ari - Eagle, god of death 

Augur - vicious creature made from the corpse of an elk,
the torso of an Icling, and the head of a wolf with antlers. 

Berserker - select warriors who use rage and force 

Bjorn - Bear, elder god of hunt and protection

Bloodstone - most powerful of the runestones,
a gem that captures the elemental magic of their land

DreyAri - Blood Eagle,
ritualistic death that rips the ribs from the chest to make wings

Elgr - Elk, elder god of provision and family

Flotnar - seafarer

Heim - home

Heimstad - name of a small settlement of Verakin

Hrimpurs - Frost Giants

Icling - a human infected by frost magic

Jarl - name of a clan leader

Jorgandr - Serpent, god of evil 

Pursars - Giants and giantkin, such as frost ogres 

Seidr - Magic of the Verakin,
it derives from the gods or runestones of the land

Valdyr - Wolf, god of cunning and mistrust

Valkyrie - warriors of great strength and knowledge similar rank to berserkers

Verakin - people of refuge

Verakin Myths

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The Infographs contain spoilers. “Elves of Alfrheim” should be utilized after S2E8 and “Aurora” after S2E6.

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