Through Thelsa’s wisdom,
peace shall ever be the plight of our people: man, dwarf, elf alike.

- King Elric whitehammer, first king of Treland 1LT ∞

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The New Lands

Founded in the year of our Lord Thesla 1274 (Current year is 1299 LT):


  • Home to the native high elves, they have proved crucial for Treland’s colonization, both military and resource support.


  • Dunaber - Fort at the mouth of the Avonova River opening into the Sea, the inlet has been named Loch Nuvestres, this is the closest to a city as you’ll find in the New Lands. The port city and its outer districts wrap around the expanse of the inlet

  • Ben Iver - Settlement at the bottom of a mountain, a secondary river mouths into the Avonova; a small bardic school has started here and mining on the mountain

  • Heatherlands - Any land further east of Ben Iver, includes the following Lathes

    • Moorgill - The ravine that leads out to a moor, two waterfalls pool at the entrance to this beautiful settlement, a haven for artists and location of the Blackstone Cathedral

    • Cardendale - Valley thicket, more a ranger’s camp than a settlement

    • Avondol - river’s meadow, farthest of the Lathes, mainly a military outpost. The river mouths into Loch Caite (Last Lake) no one has developed further due to wilderfolk raids.

  • Marshlands - all lands south of the Avonova, practically uninhabitable

  • Shawlands - any wooded land north of the Avonova that has not been explored by Trelanders, dwelling lands of the wilderpeople

  • Eastern Reach - any land at or beyond the eastern mountain range that has not been explored

Kingdom of Treland

The collection of three islands, Norholm, Sutland and Kinsdale

Norholm and Sutland

The kingdoms to the West of Kinsdale divided by shallow lands that you can only cross at low tide. Norholm is half human and half wood elf populated, while Sutland is 60% dwarf and 40% human. Within the mountain range and forests the few remaining orc tribes live out quiet lives, most of the time.  

  • Auchtercrag - city on top of the rock, capitol located in northern Sutland, Sir Quincy, nephew to King Aston rules here

  • Ben Ness - Dwarven city named for the mountain it lives within.

  • Pontyshire - small city at the south of Norholm where Sutlanders and Norholmen cross the shallows

  • Penton - city on a hill in northern Norholm, Prince Ethan son of Aston rules here. Monastery of the Eights located just outside the city.


Kingdom of the eastern island, the richest of and home to the king of the Trelands, the island is 60% human, 20% halfling and 20% high elf populated.

  • Weswick - Western bay on Kinsdale, home to the king’s castle and the largest port in Treland. There are three districts, the Market, the Royal, and Old Town. King Aston and Queen Margaret rule from here. They only have one heir, Prince Ethan who resides in Penton. They have ruled since 1279LT

  • Woldsworth - The largest settlement in the north of Kinsdale, mainly populated by the high elves and surrounded by forestry. The high elves have used their cunning to gain representation on the king’s council and use their power to tax and serf the surrounding human population.

  • Denshire - Home of the halflings in southern Kinsdale

THE CREW of Thesla's grace

Hand selected by the High Council of Treland the following characters are to join and lead the Rowdy Boys on this excursion into the New Lands.

Lord Alistair and Lady Reina

Of the family Popkin, they are nobles and relatives to the monarchy.
Alistair has been named as the Lord Protector of the New Lands to rule in King Aston's stead,
Reina is along for the ride.

Duke Eirwyn

A high elf diplomat and lawmaker, was on the voyage to discover the New Lands decades ago.
He has been vital in establishing a relationship with the local high-elves of Alfrheim.

Captain Abram MacDonnelly

A bearded older gent who served in the king’s naval ranks for over thirty years.
He wears a regal blue jacket at all times along with a three pointed hat.
Hails from Sutland was captain of the voyage that discovered the New Lands.

Commander Leon Fite

First Knight Order of the Flame, is the highest ranking officer.
He’s acting leader of all the knight's orders and the royal guard.
He is always heavily armored and bearing his gold infused longsword, Nametaker.

Finn Aurora

A wilderman who pledged allegiance to the crown 15 years ago.
He acts as guide and translator through the New Lands.

Lumen Yew

A wood elf from Norholm and last of the Yew Tribe.
She's a soft-spoken ranger and acts as game huntress and forager.
She has a small falcon named Autumn.

Bishop Cullum Kindhearted

An elderly cleric of Thesla, who is not so kindhearted to the wilderfolk.
He wields a warhammer named, Thesla’s Justice.
The head of which is shaped like the Theslan infinity sign.

Master Penvro Gwynne

A high-elf bard and Trelander historian.
He plays the lute and sings, and is also taking an account of the journey.
He grew up in Woldsworth and moved to Weswick to teach.

Historical Documents

Factions of Treland

Knights of Kinsdale

Although trained solely in Weswick these knights roam all three islands freely acting as agents of the crown. They have even begun to help populate and protect the New Lands.

  • Order of the Flame - Protectors of the royals and guards of temples and monasteries of Thesla, Commander Leon is the First Knight of this Order

  • Stag’s Order - Military leaders, masters of war and tactic, they organize the Greycloaks a collection of criminals and vagabonds who could choose hanging or a ranger’s post.

  • Order of Vipers - Those who deal with the obtaining of secrets, mainly dealing with resisters and rebels to the crown. Sir Quincy is First Knight of this Order.

Elven Tribes

These are the remaining tribes of the forests of Norholm, although a few tribes do populate the forests of Kinsdale. Their numbers continue to dwindle as humans settle more land and use more of the Norholman trees for resource.

  • Sandalwood - Fighters who seek glory in battle and protection, Chiefess Lunessa

  • Oak - Druids whom commune most closely to the animals and plants of the Penton Forests, Chief Illithor

  • Aspen - Group of elders dedicated to ending their tribe, they have no chief and simply live out their final days as sages for the younger tribes. They foresee destruction in the next generations.

  • Willow - Youngest tribe, yet eager to learn. Mostly rangers they span the widest in the Penton forests and have a second location in the northern forests of Kinsdale near Woldsworth. Chief Haldir

Dwarven Clans

These three clans have made up the dwarven population for many generations, each has its own unique features, making Ben Ness the lively city and mining establishment it is.

  • Ironbar - The blacksmiths and warriors

  • Taproot - Miners and brewers

  • Goldthunder - The traders and nobles

Structure of Royal Power

Treland’s royalty traces its roots back to the High Lords of the time before peace. Of course the rulership of Elric changed all that in the first year of our Lord Thesla, and until King Aston all Kings had shared a bloodline with Elric, Treland’s first king.

  • King and Queen - King Aston and Queen Margaret, elected into power 20 years ago at the untimely death of King Athelstan

  • High Council - Notable: Duke Eirwyn, high elf advisor and lawmaker. Grunyar Duncanyon, dwarf of the Ironbar Clan. Lord Alistair Popkin, human noble, head of the council. Chief Haldir, wood elf of the Willow Tribe. Bishop Cullum, human, highest ranking in the Order of Thesla. And three others representing the remaining cities and settlements.

  • Prince Ethan - only child to the King and Queen, 26 years old and a kind governor of Penton

  • Sir Quincy, First Knight of the Viper’s Order - King Aston’s nephew, quiet ruler of Auchtercrag, 37 years old, led the investigation of Lady Brit and was responsible for her capture, granting him the First Knight position

  • Lord Protector Alistair Popkin (Newly Appointed) - Standing in for the King in the New Lands, acts as ultimate ruler and protector over the Trelanders in the New Lands.

High Elves

There are now two settlements of High Elves with the discovery of the New Lands.

  • Woldsworth - Governor Thandor, leader of the high elves and owner of the Farmers Federation an organization that distributes the goods and payments to the surrounding farmers of Woldsworth.

  • Alfrheim - Elvenking Amrynn, son of Valdir. Stepped in after the death of his father, who was countless centuries old and had been ruler since the settlement of Alfrheim. The governance of Alfrheim is much different from and more complex than the micro organization of Woldsworth. It is more rooted in the governance of their homeland, the Isle of Bardha, and is independent of Treland’s rules, although since their arrival to the New Lands the high elves have been nothing but generous and hospitable.

Order of Thesla

(In order of lowest ranking to highest)

  • Acolytes: Those in training to serve the temples and communities.

  • Clerics: Priests of Thesla, whom have been recognized as leaders within their temple or community. They act as mitigators healers and seers for the public.

  • Abbots: Regional clergy of the Order, they are over larger portions of the church, and report directly to the Bishop

  • Bishop: The political and religious voice of Thesla, chosen by the Church to serve until death, they are stationed in Weswick residing in the Burning Cathedral’s Manor. They serve on the High Council as a voice for the church.

recent monarchy

Family Whitehammer

King Alexander 1158-1259LT - Queen Margaery 1147-1243LT

King Athelstan 1243-1279LT - Lady Brittany 1255-1281 (never married)

Princess Kara 1240-1258LT (died of illness at young age)

Family Popkin

King Aston 1250-Present - Queen Margaret 1257-Present

Prince Ethan 1274-Present

Sir Quincy 1268-Present (nephew of King Aston)

Lord Alistair and Lady Reina (cousins to King Aston)


Warning Season 1 spoilers, read after listening to Season 1 Episode 10.

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