Names of NPCs in Alphabetical Order:

Abram - Captain of Naked Lady (Thesla’s Grace), pirate 

Adrik - one armed arms dealer, Khol Uun’s stepfather, pirate, dwarf

Alexis - last Peryton of the Verakin, winged elk

Alistair - former Lord Protector of “Astonia”, High Council 

Amrynn - Elvenking of Alfrheim nation, high elf

Antiva -Elvenqueen of Alfrheim nation, high elf 

Antithesla - Fallen cleric of Thesla, pirate

Ashley - Diamond smuggler, pirate, high elf

Aston - current King of Treland

Athelstan - former King of Treland, assassinated by Eirwyn 

Bartolm - wizard residing with the Sandalwood Tribe in Treland, Bardhan elf 

Brittany - Lady and former lover of Athelstan, leader of the Resisters against King Aston

Cullum - former Bishop of Treland, deceased, killed by Verakin shaman

Devon - tiefling warlock, Feckless Four 

Eirwyn - Duke of Treland and first chair of the High Council, Eyas’ father, high elf 

Elric - First King of Treland, deceased 

Erika - former Jarl of Bjorheim and wife of Ubbe, deceased

Ethan - Prince of Treland, current Lord Protector of “Astonia”

Faeveren - renegade daughter of Antiva and Amrynn, high elf

Finn - the Reclaimer of Aurora and brother of Reina, barbarian/druid

Gaelin - Abbott in the Theslan Church, Mayor of Moorgill, cleric

Gerald - retired Vipers Order and former leader of Feckless Four, deceased

Gisele - Captain of the Greycloaks and Resister, ranger

Grunyar - High Council, uncle to Khol-Uun and leader of the Ironbar Clan, dwarf

Henri - founder of the Locke Isles, once a general of Treland, Resister, pirate queen

Ilana - daughter of Vega, Jarl of Elgrheim and ranger w/ bloodstone magic 

Kara/Vanessa - princess and sister of Athelstan, Eyas’ mother, assassinated by Amrynn

Jakkard - Casanan assassin hired by Crafter’s Guild, werewolf, captured by Rowdy Boys

Leon - former Commander of Trelander Knights, current King of Verakin People, Rowdy Boy

Lumen - Greycloak Ranger, last of the Yew Tribe, wood elf

Margaret - current Queen of Treland

Middy & Dag - miners at the Cold Iron Mines in Ben Iver, dwarves

Omar - Casanan priest of Thesla, Outlander

Penvro - professor and High Council member, Master Bard, critically harmed by Talan, high elf

Quincy - nephew of Aston, First Knight of the Vipers Order and governor of Auchtercrag

Ragnar - former King of Verakin, assassinated by Amrynn 

Reina -former Lady of Treland and ex-wife of Alistair, Queen of Verakin 

Runa - half-elf-half-Verakin, born to Antiva and a Verakin monk named Bjornson, Outlander

Shaelynn - drow elite assassin, murdered Vanessa and escaped, Feckless Four

Selma - Casanan Mayor of Dunaber, has a history with Omar

Shira - black leopard companion to Gisele 

Siggi - Elgrheim shaman, tongue cut out by Gerald during assault, saved by Rowdy Boys

Stone Cold Jane Austen - halfling wrestler, Rory’s friendly nemesis, inflicted by Iclings

Talan - defamed Master Bard, Resister, and recovering alcoholic 

Ubbe - Berserker of the Bjornheim tribe, made Jarl after wife Erika’s death 

Uggr - dire bear companion and mount to Ubbe 

Vanessa/Kara - princess and sister of Athelstan, Eyas’ mother, assassinated by Amrynn

Varr - drow warlock, partner to Shaelynn, Feckless Four 

Valir - first Elvenking of Alfrheim, brought elves to Veraheim, assassinated by Amrynn, his son

Vega - Jarl of Elgrheim, father of Ilana, deceased 

Names of Deities in Alphabetical Order

Ari - eagle god of death, Verakin Mythology 

Berkona - goddess of spring, Verakin Mythology

Burekk -  god of autumn, Verakin Mythology

Bjornson - son of Burekk and Berkona, brought Springtide w/ elves,
defeated Isvanja, demigod, Verakin Mythology

Elder Bear - spirit of protection, Verakin Mythology

Elder Elk - spirit of provision, Verakin Mythology

Isvanja - goddess awakened by Amrynn, leader of frost giants, killed Nordi, Verakin Mythology

Nordi - god of winter, his magic made the Great Freeze, killed by Isvanja, Verakin Mythology

Thesla - god of the Trelanders, a man burned alive for his beliefs, Trelander History